Granny Square Throw :)

Yes, I am amoungst the masses of people who love doing granny squares, they’re just great to do when you find yourself with a bit of spare ‘hook time’. Then, after a while, you realise you have a stash big enough to make yourself a nice blanket, lovely! 🙂

I used the tutorial in THIS link when I was first starting out with crochet, as its good for beginners. It is in US terms. This really threw me when I first started crocheting, I had no idea the terms were completely different! But its not that hard to get your head around once you’ve learnt the basics. HERE’s a translation.

Then attatch them all using double crochet, easy huh?!

2014-02-02 19.40.29

It’s also just the look I was going for. A sort of, ‘Old-Country’ style. The neutral off-white borders, with the splashes of colour coming through? And it’s so snuggly! I didn’t want this one to be overly big either, as the other ‘Project Blanket’ will be pretty huge! This is just the right size for a little cosy to keep the chilly toes warm in winter months 🙂

2014-02-02 19.38.49

Ive also started making another blanket. This one will be granny squares too, but FULL of colour 🙂 Im going to do a load of the circle middles first, then all the borders after. I find my brain works better if I stick to the same sort of thing, rather than doing circle, square, circle square, I would rather circle circle, square square. Less flicking about between different things tends to keep my brain happy 🙂

2014-02-02 22.44.46



4 thoughts on “Granny Square Throw :)

  1. This looks gorgeous and also like the look of the really colourful one you have started. Am I the only one waiting to see project blanket? Will be sending you an email and photos soon of my latest project think I have finally weaned myself off the arm knitting!

  2. As a beginner in the realms of crochet I can only do granny squares so obviously love them with a passion, the blanket is lovely, very country cottage style, in fact it would look perfect on my rocking chair lol

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