I made a purse!

2014-02-21 23.30.06

So it was Friday night, and rather than going out, having a long soak in the bath, watching a film, or doing any of those ‘normal’ things a 22 year old should be doing, I spent Friday night with my new sewing machine. And I’m not even slightly embarrassed to say it, I had a great night!

I’d been meaning to have a good plan of attack to introduce myself properly to ‘The Machine’. After my first failed attempt of making a purse ended up looking like a pencil case, a badly made one at that. But hey, I’m still pretty new to sewing, so a good pattern and tutorial to follow was in order. Something I should have just done in the first place. 

I found THIS on Pinterest, and its good! Very informative with plenty of pictures, easy to follow too so perfect for a newb like myself. And theres a PDF, YAY! 🙂

And here’s the finished product!

2014-02-21 23.29.30

2014-02-21 23.30.04

2014-02-21 23.30.52

I’m quite impressed. Maybe not so impressed with the fabric choices, but my fabric stash isn’t the best (Is this the perfect excuse to buy more?!). I do like the randomness of the different fabric patterns and colours, but I’m not sure about how they all go together? I feel some stash building and a second attempt coming very soon!

Jess x


19 thoughts on “I made a purse!

  1. In a bar in Tenerife just read your blog, earlier in the evening grandad and I were reminiscing about when we first brought you here as a four year old, happy days!!! Lots of love nanny xxx

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