WIP Blanket

2014-04-26 23.14.41

Hello All!

Well the last week or so has been lovely and sunny! Which means ive been busy, but not so much on the craft front. There’s a few things in the pipe line at the moment though. 🙂 Some of which are incredibly fun and exciting! I’ve recently started on another blanket. Its made with lots of different types of ‘Drops Fabel’ (which are currently on sale at WoolWarehouse!!). And its just amazing stuff. The colours, the different prints, the texture, and mixing them all together looks sooo good!! Its quite a pleasurable time im having making this 🙂

Heres a few pictures! –

2014-04-26 23.15.09

2014-04-10 20.50.04

2014-04-26 23.14.59

2014-04-26 23.14.41

Well i do hope the weather holds up, and everyone is having a great time getting out in the sun! xx


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