WIP Blanket

2014-04-26 23.14.41

Hello All!

Well the last week or so has been lovely and sunny! Which means ive been busy, but not so much on the craft front. There’s a few things in the pipe line at the moment though. 🙂 Some of which are incredibly fun and exciting! I’ve recently started on another blanket. Its made with lots of different types of ‘Drops Fabel’ (which are currently on sale at WoolWarehouse!!). And its just amazing stuff. The colours, the different prints, the texture, and mixing them all together looks sooo good!! Its quite a pleasurable time im having making this 🙂

Heres a few pictures! –

2014-04-26 23.15.09

2014-04-10 20.50.04

2014-04-26 23.14.59

2014-04-26 23.14.41

Well i do hope the weather holds up, and everyone is having a great time getting out in the sun! xx


Flat Flower Tutorial

Hi, hope everyones well? 🙂
Thought i would share with you this super cute flat flower pattern. I wanted some pretty flower garlands, to either sell or decorate my summer stall with. Or even just to liven my house up a little.
This pattern came from an old book, that i picked up in a charity shop, it was in us terms, so i have translated it to uk as below.

CH – chain stitch
SS – slip stitch
DC- double crochet
TR – treble crochet

Start: Chain 6, Join with a SS to form ring.

Round 1: Chain 2, then do 23 TR in the ring, finish round with a SS into the 2nd chain stitch of the beginning chain. (24 TR’s)

It may be a struggle fitting all the TR’s in, but just keep pushing them back, and they will fit, I promise!

Round 2: Chain 4, 1 TR in the closing SS of the previous row; Chain 1. Skip 2 st, *1 TR, CH 2, 1 TR; CH 1.* Repeat 7x. Close round with a SS in 2nd ch (of 4) of the start.

Round 3: Chain 2, 1 TR, CH 2, 2 TR under the chain 2 space of the previous round; 1 DC under the CH 1. *2 TR, CH 2, 2 TR as before; 1 DC as before*. Repeat 7x. Close round with a SS in 2nd ch (of 2) of the start.

Round 4: Under the chain 2 space of the previous round, 3 TR, CH 1, 3 TR. Then 1 DC to the left and right of the DC of the previous round. Repeat 8x and close with a SS in the first st of the round. Bind off.

Chain 6, Join with a SS to form ring. Chain 2.
2014-04-07 19.57.30

23 TR in the ring, finish round with a SS into the 2nd chain stitch of the beginning chain. Chain 4.
2014-04-07 20.00.59

1 TR in the closing SS of the previous round.
2014-04-07 20.01.36

Chain 1. Skip 2 st, 1 TR.
2014-04-07 20.02.16

Repeat this as mentioned above.
2014-04-07 20.05.46

Close round with a SS in 2nd ch (of 4) of the start.
2014-04-07 20.06.27

Chain 2, 1 TR, CH 2. (under the chain 2 space of the previous round)
2014-04-07 20.07.36

2 TR (still under the chain 2 space of the previous row) – Then 1 DC under the CH 1.
2014-04-07 20.08.46

Repeat all around, and close with a SS into the 2nd ch (of 2) of the start.
2014-04-07 20.13.12

Under the chain 2 space of the previous round, 3 TR, CH 1, 3 TR. Then I’ve shown below where to do the 1 DC to the right.
2014-04-07 20.14.25

Do the DC to the left too, Then continue doing this around. When finished, I’ve shown where to finish with the SS.
2014-04-07 20.20.30

All done! 🙂
2014-04-07 20.22.58

The Sun is Shining!

2014-04-13 12.05.48

Hi everyone! Hope all is well?

The sun is still shining, and we now have a nice long weekend, what more do we need?! 🙂

Ive been busy though, with ongoing projects, that im not sure i should share with you just yet, little more work to be done before the big reveals 🙂 But its all very exciting. Im working on another blanket at the moment. Although i said i wouldnt want to do another just yet, i just couldnt resist this one!

Been on some lovely walks around the village. I do love the countryside, especially when the sun is shining. The village where we live is beautiful. And now all the flowers are coming into bloom, its just so pretty! We also have two Dalmations which are around 10 months old now too. So they come out exploring with us. We have decided though, Dalmations will eat ANYTHING! Including Rape-Seed plants!

Heres some pictures from our outings this week… 🙂

2014-04-13 11.38.22

2014-04-13 11.46.26

2014-04-13 12.07.12

2014-04-13 12.05.48

2014-04-13 11.53.39

2014-04-13 11.49.04

2014-04-13 12.56.50 HDR

2014-04-13 12.10.25

2014-04-13 13.17.05

2014-04-13 13.27.21

Enjoy the weather while it lasts, and have a great bank holiday weekend! 🙂 xxx


Me and the Man Friend have just got back from a lovely mini trip on the lake. He likes to fish and i just love the simple things in life. No phones, no work, no hassle, just calmness. We made some food, packed the car up on friday, ready to leave Saturday morning. Yeah, it was a little drizzly, and a tad cold, but the lake was beautiful, with a forest right behind it. So I went off exploring 🙂 …..

20140406-044218 pm.jpg

20140406-044238 pm.jpg

20140406-044250 pm.jpg

20140406-044320 pm.jpg

20140406-044332 pm.jpg

20140406-044342 pm.jpg

20140406-044305 pm.jpg

20140406-044407 pm.jpg

20140406-044420 pm.jpg

20140406-044427 pm.jpg

20140406-044443 pm.jpg

…..Ahhhhh…lovely. I swear i could have stayed there for days. So peaceful, pretty, relaxing and fresh. Just appreciating fresh air these days can be hard. Stuck in a stuffy office all week, not for me. This however, is where i wanna stay.
People work from home, maybe i could just work from lake?! Its a nice thought 🙂 x

Bunting & Stall Prepping

2014-03-30 23.03.11

2014-03-30 23.08.02

In preparation for the Village Fete I’ve been busy making Bunting Triangles, either to sell or decorate my stall. Haven’t quite decided yet 🙂

I have done the triangles in Granny style, and have made 2x of every colour of the Style Craft Special DK, I have (which is more than I thought actually!) So it took me a while overall, but each triangle takes less than 10 mins. I used a pattern from talented blogger and teacher Lucy, from Attic24.

As she states in her tutorial, they do look a little worse for wear so will need a good steaming, but NOT for the iron to come in contact with the triangles. But if anyone knows please let me know…. Will it be worth spritzing a bit of starch spray on them before the steaming?

2014-03-30 23.08.02

So after ALL the ironing that lies in wait for me, there comes the fun part…. Colour grouping! Rainbow, Nautical, Neutral, experimenting with different colour combo’s. Trying to push your limits, and break your normal colour styles can sometimes be quite tricky! People tend to stick to what the know and feel comfortable with. My advice, just be random and you might end up pleasantly surprised!

I am a little nervous about the Fete though….Desperately trying to get everything ready and collect my ideas, and organsise the pictures of things ive found appealing. Then Also…
How I want the stall set up? Do I need to make price tags? Do I need carrier bags…. ??

I could get it all done, I hope anyway. Pressure’s on. 🙂

Liebster Award!

Liebster Award! 🙂

WOW! Thank you so much Night’sWatchBlog for the nomination! What an amazing suprise! 🙂

So here’s how it works…..• Thank the blogger that nominated you
• Answer the 11 questions you were given
• Nominate 11 other bloggers with less than 500 followers
• Post 11 questions for your nominee to answer
• Tag your nominees and post a comment in their blog so they know they’ve been nominated.

The questions I was given to answer

1. Why did you start blogging? – I started blogging so I can receive tips on how to be a better crafter. It’s a fun way to share and document my ongoing projects. To appreciate seeing great pictures and reading material of what everyone’s up to. I’m a little nosy in that sense!
2. How has your blog evolved over time? – I’m still pretty new, but I suppose it’s been a massive learning curve so far. I have learnt so much, not just in my crafts, but also how to get my work out there.
3. Five favourite authors? (I need some new reading suggestions) – David Thorne, Sam Lipsyte, Mark Haddon, Stephen Davis, Anthony Bourdain.
4. How do you spend your free time? – Crafting!! I also enjoy a good camping trip 
5. I have to repeat this question – If you could only listen to only 5 albums for the rest of your life what would they be? – Im sorry, but thats too much of a tough one!
6. Do you like your job? Why or why not? – Unfortunately not. I get fidgety if confined to the same space too long. So office work probably isn’t for me!
7. What is your beverage of choice? – Coffee! Lots and lots of coffee. Don’t know how id survive without the stuff.
8. What is currently your favourite television show? Why? – Oh I have many favourites! But at the moment, probably Fringe. I appreciate a great, witty story line, with strong characters. I like how every episode has its own story line, as well as the ongoing one.
9. What is the best item you own? – My bed! It’s my sanctuary after a long day at work. Somewhere soft and comfy to crochet.
10. When do you read other people’s blogs? – In the afternoons when work tends to slow down, or just before bed for a bit of light reading.
11. How and when did you learn your favourite hobby? – Not long ago actually, probably just before Christmas. My nan came to stay and taught me some basic crochet, and it all spiralled from there. So thanks Nan 🙂

My 11 Nominees  …..

1- the twisted yarn
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5. Do you sing in the shower?
6. What is the signature dish that you cook?
7. What do you like to do to relax?
8. What was the last thing you purchased?
9. What are you scared of?
10. What is one thing you miss about being a kid?
11. Are you a Tea or a Coffee drinker?

Massive thank you again to – http://nightswatchblog.wordpress.com/ for the nomination! 🙂 xx