Arm Knitting!


So, for anyone out there new to arm knitting, well, let me just say this…. It is VERY addictive!

I learned how to do this from a YouTube video, and I won’t lie, I was super confused to start with, I just couldn’t manage to cast on any stitches correctly. But with some perseverance, I mastered it! Now I want to make tons of these beautiful, chunky scarves. I bought the chunkiest wool I could from eBay, which was ‘King Cole Gypsy’, in Bouquet and Fern. The colours are incredible!

When I started arm knitting, I felt it all looked like a tangled mess, but the end results were amazing. I made one as an infinity scarf, and the other I just added some little tassels on the end with the left over wool.

The YouTube video is here –
And yes, she does say you can do this in 30 minutes, and she is RIGHT! They just go together so quick!

Here are a couple of the finished ones….

The Infinity Scarf in ‘King Cole Gypsy, fern’…
2014-01-23 20.40.31

And the Tassle one in ‘King Cole Gypsy, Bouqet’…
2014-01-23 20.39.44

The colours, and the feel of this wool is amazing, so soft, and makes such a great scarf…
2014-01-24 07.42.25

2014-01-24 07.42.43
I have a few more balls of Super Chunky wool, so will post a little update to this when those are completed. Then next ones will be more neutral, as I have some browns, greens, and beige to use up. I keep thinking I need to stop buying wool…. as I do have quite a bit at the moment… but I can’t do it, just can’t, so maybe I should just give up trying 🙂

More posts soon!
Jess xx