Me and the Man Friend have just got back from a lovely mini trip on the lake. He likes to fish and i just love the simple things in life. No phones, no work, no hassle, just calmness. We made some food, packed the car up on friday, ready to leave Saturday morning. Yeah, it was a little drizzly, and a tad cold, but the lake was beautiful, with a forest right behind it. So I went off exploring 🙂 …..

20140406-044218 pm.jpg

20140406-044238 pm.jpg

20140406-044250 pm.jpg

20140406-044320 pm.jpg

20140406-044332 pm.jpg

20140406-044342 pm.jpg

20140406-044305 pm.jpg

20140406-044407 pm.jpg

20140406-044420 pm.jpg

20140406-044427 pm.jpg

20140406-044443 pm.jpg

…..Ahhhhh…lovely. I swear i could have stayed there for days. So peaceful, pretty, relaxing and fresh. Just appreciating fresh air these days can be hard. Stuck in a stuffy office all week, not for me. This however, is where i wanna stay.
People work from home, maybe i could just work from lake?! Its a nice thought 🙂 x