Bunting & Stall Prepping

2014-03-30 23.03.11

2014-03-30 23.08.02

In preparation for the Village Fete I’ve been busy making Bunting Triangles, either to sell or decorate my stall. Haven’t quite decided yet 🙂

I have done the triangles in Granny style, and have made 2x of every colour of the Style Craft Special DK, I have (which is more than I thought actually!) So it took me a while overall, but each triangle takes less than 10 mins. I used a pattern from talented blogger and teacher Lucy, from Attic24.

As she states in her tutorial, they do look a little worse for wear so will need a good steaming, but NOT for the iron to come in contact with the triangles. But if anyone knows please let me know…. Will it be worth spritzing a bit of starch spray on them before the steaming?

2014-03-30 23.08.02

So after ALL the ironing that lies in wait for me, there comes the fun part…. Colour grouping! Rainbow, Nautical, Neutral, experimenting with different colour combo’s. Trying to push your limits, and break your normal colour styles can sometimes be quite tricky! People tend to stick to what the know and feel comfortable with. My advice, just be random and you might end up pleasantly surprised!

I am a little nervous about the Fete though….Desperately trying to get everything ready and collect my ideas, and organsise the pictures of things ive found appealing. Then Also…
How I want the stall set up? Do I need to make price tags? Do I need carrier bags…. ??

I could get it all done, I hope anyway. Pressure’s on. 🙂


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